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My name is Sam. I have suffered from pectus carinatum (pigeon chest) for as long as I can remember. But I didn’t want to suffer anymore, so I did something about it. Despite advice from my doctor to undergo surgery, I decided to act on my own. Fortunately, that was enough to help me beat the condition. But for some, pigeon chest can be far more serious, and potentially life threatening. Whereas braces and bodybuilding exercises helped me overcome my condition, it can take far more work than that for some other people, who have a more severe case of the condition.

Who is PigeonChestProblems for?

It’s for you! If you’ve stumbled across this website, and you’re still reading up to this point, then chances are this website will help you in some way. Whether you suffer from pigeon chest yourself, or you know someone who does, or even if you are just curious about the condition, stick around because I have plenty to say. And I’m bored of talking to myself. I’m a guy, but we have a whole section dedicated to the ladies over at pigeon chest female

What do you know about pectus carinatum?

Well If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m not exactly a doctor. But you know what, sometimes they are the worst people to take advice from. Take me for example; I was young and very unsure of what my pigeon chest was exactly. Approaching a doctor was like hitting a brick wall for me. Not only did he guffaw in my face, he gave me no real advice, instead saying that I may need surgery. I’m glad I didn’t listen to him! 

What I try and offer on this site is real advice. Like many things in life, the so-called ‘experts’ and companies want you to think a certain way about your condition. They want you to believe that it is completely incurable, and the only way to overcome pigeon chest is by using their products. Well, that’s totally wrong! 

So my aim for PigeonChestProblems is to create a community where we can talk comfortably and openly about our condition. So get involved!

Give me some quick tips!

Well, that’s gonna cost ya. Nah, I’m just pulling your leg. Here are some quick tips to help you start your journey towards beating pigeon chest! 

  • Exercise – Invest in some good resistance bands, some good dumbbells and maybe even get a gym membership. But don’t just jump straight onto the bench press, read my pigeon chest bodybuilding advice first.
  • Brace – brace yourself, this is a killer tip. Investing in a good brace is an absolute must for beating pigeon chest, but there are a lot of time wasters out there. The brace I use is recommended 
  • Don’t stress – Yep, that’s right. Try not to think about it. Obviously, that’s easier said than done. But if your pigeon chest doesn’t interfere with your breathing, and doesn’t constantly ache, why should you let it rule your life? There is no such thing as pigeon chest disease

That’s it!

Those are my quick tips for beating pigeon chest, all of which I explore in further detail in individual blog posts on this site. So feel free to check them out! 

Story Time!

As I have already stated, this website is intended to act as a community for pigeon chested folk, so let’s get some of your stories on here!

Jack’s story

Jack experienced a hard time at school because of his pigeon chest, and because the other kids at school had never heard of pectus carinatum before. One aspect of his school life that was particularly hard was his gym classes. Due to the size of his school, Jack and his classmates had to get changed in the classrooms, boys and girls together. Although his pigeon chest was barely noticeable beneath his clothes, his condition was clear to see when he took his top off. Jack was initially happy to laugh along with the other kids at school when they pointed out that his chest was sticking out, but the teasing continued for a long time, and even the girls at his school were calling him names like ‘pigeon boy’. Even on holiday, Jack refused to take his top off to go swimming, much to the bewilderment of his family. Jack eventually had to be taken for surgery, as his condition worsened as he grew older, but he still wore a brace and performed exercises as mentioned on this blog. A lack of education around the pigeon chest condition led to Jack experiencing bullying at his school, and he became depressed and nervous around girls. Jack is now a happy kid, but feels very strongly about the negative effects of bullying having experienced it himself!’ 

Unfortunately, Jack didn’t have the help and support of his family throughout the duration of his pigeon chest journey, but this was not his family’s fault. Jack didn’t speak to his family about his chest, and although it felt extremely visible to him, his family never noticed that his chest was sticking out. 

If you enjoyed reading about Jack’s story, please encourage anybody you know with the condition to share their story with others. If they’re feeling really brave, they can submit their story to my site, and I will publish it! It can be very therapeutic to get your story off your (pigeon) chest, and people love hearing about others who are in a similar boat to them. We can all help each other get through our journeys!