Pectus Carinatum Brace Cost?

Getting advice on how to treat your pectus carinatum can be a tricky business, and most people may point you in the direction of a surgeon. But treating the condition with a brace is very helpful and can actually make a real difference (as it did for me). The main issue is choosing a brace that is both good value for money and effective at treating your condition. Though this can often be hard to find, I have selected some products that I think fulfil this criteria, and have included them below.


Proline Chest Brace

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This is the brace that I used to help my own condition and the one that I would recommend. At around $70 dollars it is far cheaper than purchasing a medical brace but can be just as effective. Due to it’s relatively discreet appearance it can also be worn throughout the day without drawing attention to itself. It is also very comfortable and can be worn quite comfortably throughout the day. It could also be worn to the gym for support when performing certain exercises. I even wore this brace to school!

There are a ton of braces out there but many of them are too loose to make much of a difference. They also tend to be less comfortable and not very well made. I like this brace because it made a real difference to my pectus carinatum and hopefully it could help you too!


Pectus Carinatum Orthosis Brace


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At almost $200, this orthosis brace is a pricey alternative to the product shown above, but it is still an effective method. Because of it’s bulky appearance, it is harder to conceal underneath your clothes, and would be best worn mainly within your home for a few hours a day. The brace size is adjustable, and can fit people up to the size of 39″. It applies a constant pressure that can improve your pectus carinatum drastically without being uncomfortable. Although the Proline chest brace worked for me, had I noticed no improvements I would have eventually purchased this brace to try a more drastic approach. If your condition feels severe, you could use a combination of both braces, perhaps wearing the Proline during the day when you are out, then wearing the orthosis brace in the comfort of your own home. It would be suitable for males and females.

So there are some buying tips and cost guidelines if you are attempting to treat your pectus carinatum with a brace. A brace can be a solution for most people, and most people will notice an improvement within a few months. However, in severe cases surgery will be the only method that will effectively help your condition. But we would still advise that you try to use braces for your condition before considering surgery, as surgery can be a slightly daunting prospect for many people. PigeonChestProblems is proud to be associated with the items shown above, and uses Amazon for distributing and handling all products.