Pigeon Chest Bodybuilding

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Is Bodybuilding a good idea if you are suffering from pigeon chest?

You may think that going to the gym and pumping out some sets on the bench would likely cause more pain than good for your pigeon chest. But if you use bodybuilding well enough, regardless if you are young or old,  you can benefit greatly and the pain and discomfort from your pigeon chest can be minimised greatly. It is all about finding the best exercises designed to help solve your pigeon chest, and using them in a clever and safe way. With this in mind, here is my choice for the best exercises for people suffering from pigeon chest, and some to avoid:

Lat Pull Down machine-

It may seem strange to start a post about pigeon chest bodybuilding exercises with a back exercise, but having a strong and healthy back is essential to improving the comfort and health of your pigeon chest. The lat pull down is a great place to start as the lats are the biggest muscles in your back, and having strong lats is a great benefit for anyone suffering from pigeon chest. Using a machine is slightly less strenuous than using free weights for back exercises, which is why we can start on a machine, but once you have built up good strength it is a good idea to start some free weights.

Chest press machine-

Again we are starting with machines to gradually build up strength and to build up to some free weights pigeon chest bodybuilding. Using the chest press is a great way to find what position feels good and comfortable, and how much weight you can handle.


This is possibly the ultimate pigeon chest bodybuilding movement, but it could take a while before you feel comfortable performing this exercise, as the jerking movement could cause pain initially. But if you manage to build up a strong back with the lat pull down, this could become your best pigeon chest bodybuilding exercise.

Bench press-

Most people suffering from pigeon chest who are looking to start bodybuilding may jump straight into the bench press, looking to build up their pecs. Although the bench press is a great exercise to help this issue, i still feel it is important to start with the chest press machine to master the movement and feel comfortable with weight.

Now my number 1 exercise to be careful with:

Chest flys-

From someone who started pigeon chest bodybuilding by jumping straight onto the bench with a pair of dumbbells and attempting chest flys, take it from me that these hurt like hell! But if your chest starts to feel better after a few weeks at the gym you can try these with very light weights and see how they go! Because they can actually work well and get to the root cause of the condition.

So there are some top pigeon chest bodybuilding exercises, go out and get started!

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