How To Get Rid Of A Pigeon Chest?

Despite my efforts to write about a variety of topics on this site, I always seem to get the same types of questions flooding my inbox. Questions like, ‘How can I get rid of my pigeon chest?’. That’s probably my fault for running a blog about pectus carinatum. Well, let me just be straight with you; there are no quick fixes here. There is no magic potion, cream or dance that is gonna cure you completely of your pigeon chest in a minute. Sorry to break the news to you like that. But any regular readers of PigeonChestProblems will know full well that if you are patient, and you’re willing to put the time in and hard work, you can make some real progress with your condition. Just like I was. But I’m not here to brag about my own achievements (if I was, I’d be telling you all about my success as a synchronised swimmer). I’m here to help others improve their pigeon chest condition. So with that in mind, here are my top methods for getting rid of pigeon chest!


Fix your posture!


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This is the brace I use. Don’t laugh, it’s unisex. 

I might sound just like your momma when I tell you to stand up straight and have a good posture, but this isn’t just so you look good in your school photos. Having a good posture is an important step towards getting rid of your pigeon chest completely, as keeping your shoulders back will help minimise the appearance of your condition, and help it become gradually reduced.  Posture is especially important when you are performing exercises. Oh, speaking of exercises…….

Do some exercise!

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Now, before you start chugging protein shakes and grunting aggressively in front of the mirror, let me clear something up first. By ‘going to the gym’, I don’t mean jumping on the bench press straight away and pumping out 10 sets straightaway. That’s gonna lead to a whole lot of pain for you and your chest. You need to be very careful about how you approach exercising, in order to minimise the stress placed on your chest. Gradually building up strength in your chest and back is essential. Click here to see my tips for pigeon chest bodybuilding.

A good brace

There’s no escaping it – if you wanna get rid of your pigeon chest, you’re gonna need a good brace. Applying pressure to the area is the final piece of the puzzle towards ridding yourself of pigeon chest. If you’ve had a look around this site, you probably already know what brace I used, and what one I would recommend. If not, you can check out my review here. It’s a great read.

Leave it alone!

Some people seem to roll their eyes when I suggest this. But if you’ve got your brace on, you’ve got a good posture and you’re exercising regularly, that’s all you can do. Don’t let it stress you out! Getting rid of your pigeon chest is as much of a mental struggle as a physical one. You can’t let it stress you out and rule your life. Ok, that’s enough lecturing for today.