Pigeon Chest Disease

Pigeon Chest Disease

As a sufferer of pigeon chest, you may feel that you suffer from some sort of disease. After all, you hardly see anybody with pigeon chest like you have…..

Well DON’T WORRY! You are not alone, trust me! And pigeon chest is not a disease at all!

So why do some people seem to think that it is?

It’s because there is so little information and awareness out there regarding the condition and the causes (that’s all it is, a condition!)

Here is a real story about a boy (let’s call him Jack!) who has pigeon chest and has had some strange and upsetting experiences due to other people’s lack of awareness about the condition, and got in touch with me shortly after I set this site up:

‘When I was at school, we had to get changed in the classrooms. It was kind of weird as boys and girls would all get changed there but we were young so didn’t really think much of it. I remember one day we were getting changed for football and one of the kids pointed out that my chest was kind of pointy. We all laughed and I was happy to make fun myself. At least I was that day. As the weeks went by, teasing my pointy chest became a recurring theme. And the fact that the girls were there too laughing at me made it 10x worse, especially as I was started to get interested in girls and stuff. So as the teasing increased, I became increasingly self conscious about my body, mainly my pigeon chest. During our family holiday that year I refused to take my top off, not even to go swimming, as I felt like a freak. And as my confidence lowered, It felt like my chest was getting worse too. I know realise that my low confidence was making me slouch and have bad posture, which makes pigeon chest worse. So it was like a never ending cycle of sadness for most of my teenage years. I eventually plucked up the courage to talk about it with my parents, who sent me to a doctor, but even the doctor didn’t take it seriously. It wasn’t until it started getting sore that i was eventually taken for surgery. And now my chest looks and feels fine, but I still feel scarred from the experience. And I’m sharing my story because i know it’s a common condition that can have really negative effects on young people, especially in our body image obsessed society. And it doesn’t just go for pigeon chest. Acne, weight and even things like shoe size can cause bullying. So if you know anyone suffering give them a hand!’

Thanks Jack, very brave of you.