Pigeon Chest Symptoms?

chestedPigeon Chest

Although to some people it may seem pretty easy to tell if you are suffering from pigeon chest, it’s actually the complete opposite. I have read countless horror stories of people who were wrongly diagnosed with the condition, and ended up undergoing unnecessary surgery, which led to further health complications. So to try and prevent this kind of mistake ever happening again, I have come up with a list of common symptoms that pigeon chested folk tend to notice when they are suffering with the pigeon chest. It’s my duty to society!


Protruding Chest

Well duh. This might seem pretty obvious, but it’s actually fairly hard to spot in the majority of cases. Plus, if somebody is a naturally skinny person, it can seem like their chest is sticking out a bit too far. The number one reason that people are wrongly diagnosed with pigeon chest is because of this reason, they’re just skinny! Don’t give them surgery, give them a donut!

Difficulty breathing

If you often feel pain in your chest (like an ache in the bone) and it causes problems with your breathing, it’s possible that you have pigeon chest! This is a common complaint amongst sufferers of the condition, and a pretty clear symptom and clear indication that you might well have pectus carinatum.

Ache in chest

Keep in mind that pigeon chest is a deformity in the chest bone, and it is likely that you will feel some sort of ache in your bones. This was the first indicator for me that I had pectus carinatum.

It is immediately visible

This applies to parents especially. If the pigeon chest is serious, it will be immediately visible from birth. Around the age of 12/13, some kids become naturally skinny, and this is often the age when they are wrongly diagnosed!


So there is my list of symptoms for pigeon chest. Although most of it is pretty obvious, the last one is a symptom that is often overlooked. If the condition is serious, it will be immediately visible from birth. I cannot stress this enough. It will then remain visible until about the age of 10, but by then measures should have already been taken to combat it. In this sense, it is the parent’s duty to provide a brace, at the very least. If you can identify it early, you can beat it early. Wow, that slogan should be on a t-shirt.

Anyway, that’s my rant over. I wanna talk about you guys again, because that is far more interesting. I have been waiting for somebody to email me their pigeon chest story! How it affects/affected your life, the methods you use to beat it. Send me an email at [email protected] and if it’s ok with you, I will post it on here!