Pigeon Chest Female

Pigeon Chest Female

Many people think that girls cannot suffer from pigeon chest, but the truth is that pigeon chest can be just as common amongst females as it is amongst males, and the solutions can be applied to bith sexes. The reason that many people fail to realise that they are suffering from pigeon chest is that often their breasts can cover up the sternum and breastbone. Many people don’t realise they have pigeon chest problems until the pain or discomfort increases. Females can treat pigeon chest in a similar way to males, but they are also open to other options, which is why I am going to list a few methods that i recommend to combat the causes and consequences pigeon chest just for them:

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Chest exercises:
Implementing some basic chest exercises into your workouts can really help overcome pigeon chest. And the exercises that I am going to recommend can help females as well as males. The key to correcting pigeon chest is making sure that the balance between your back and your chest is good. This means using back exercises as well as chest exercises to develop a strong and healthy all round torso. For back exercises, the deadlift, lat pull downs and rows are your best options. For chest exercises, chest press machine, bench press and dumbbell press can all be beneficial for females with pigeon chest.

For females with pigeon chest, there are two types of surgery that they can undergo. Firstly, they can go for surgery which specifically targets the pigeon chest, and aims to straighten out the problem. This is the most common form of surgery for females suffering with pigeon chest. However, a form of surgery that is becoming increasingly popular amongst females with pigeon chest is breast enlargement. This aims not only to cover up the pigeon chest, but it aims to help heal it. However, this method is controversial, and can actually lead to further problems for females with pigeon chest struggling with their posture. Which brings me to my next point….

Leave it alone:

For many people with pigeon chest, leaving it alone is their most common approach when trying to deal with the condition. Females in particular can opt for this approach, as their breasts can often cover up the affected area. Whilst this approach can be effective for some, if the discomfort is serious then we do not recommend this approach.

Chest Brace:

Using a chest brace is probably the best approach for any female looking to correct their pigeon chest, as it is an effective and discreet method. The chest brace can be worn under or in place of a post surgery bra, meaning it is extremely unlikely to look out of place if anyone does actually notice. The chest brace that we recommend is this one, which is available from Amazon below.


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