Pigeon Chest Exercise – Incline Chest Press

I’ve talked extensively about the bodybuilding exercises that I’ve used to help my pigeon chest over the years, but most of the exercises have been focused around improving the muscles in your back and chest through fairly conventional methods. Sometimes it can be really beneficial to ‘mix things up’ a bit in the gym, which is why I wanted to give a little love to a rarely mentioned exercise that I’ve been incorporating in my workouts recently – incline chest press:


That’s a bit heavier than what I can manage!

The reason I love this exercise is simple – it allows me to work on my chest without being too painful. Because of the incline positioning, your shoulders are involved in the exercise too, helping to relieve some of the tension from your chest. In short, I find this exercise far more comfortable than flat bench press.

The best way to try this exercise out is with very light dumbbells initially. The hardest part of the exercise is getting the movement right – it can be tempting to press upwards rather than outwards, especially if you’re worried about hurting your chest.

I’d say that this exercise is probably my favourite at the moment in terms of efficiency. I can go to the gym, do a few sets of these and get the same amount of benefit as I would from doing both flat chest press and shoulder press. Perfect for gymophobics like me!