Pigeon Chest Surgery Cost?

How much does pigeon chest surgery cost? Too much, probably.


Unless you just won the lottery (did I mention I take donations for this site?) you probably don’t even want to consider it. But I know you’re a curious bunch, so let me break it down for you.


It will cost you THOUSANDS. And that’s just for the first operation.


The important thing to realise about surgery for pigeon chest is that it’s a repeat deal. You don’t just go in once, get the surgery done then hop along on your merry way. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

They are gonna need you to come back in for repeat visits, and each repeat visit is gonna cost a hell of a lot of money. Still wanna fork it out?

There are only a few exceptional circumstances where you should get surgery for your pigeon chest. I’m gonna outline some of these circumstances right now:

It hurts a lot!

When I say ‘It hurts a lot’, I mean A LOT! It has to be restricting you in every single aspect of your life before you should consider going in for surgery. If you can go swimming without any pain, don’t go for surgery. And don’t just go because your doctor told you to go! Remember, this is how they make their money.

You’ve tried everything else

I talk about loads of different methods on this site, and you should check some of them out if you are considering surgery. But if you have not tried them out yet, be sure to give them a go. They are predominately free, and don’t require too much effort on your part. Start by trying out a brace. It’s not gonna impact on your life too much, and it can be worn discreetly under your clothing. Then if your condition improves, try and incorporate some simple exercises into your daily routine. You can start with resistance bands, then if you gain some strength, go to the gym! It can be helpful to build a strong back, which can help correct any posture problems that relate to your pigeon chest.

You’ve found a good surgeon

If you’ve found a surgeon that has a good reputation and has some good credible recommendations, then sure, go for it. But if you have just stumbled across a surgeon and you are¬†feeling pretty desperate, take a minute to think about what is best for you.