Protruding Sternum

Is a protruding sternum the same as Pectus Carinatum or Pectus Excavatum?

You may notice when you look in the mirror that your sternum is slightly protruding (sticking out like a pigeon chest). This is nothing to worry about, as protruding sternums are very common amongst males and females, and can be easily dealt with. Both Pectus Carinatum and Pectus Excavatum are very common as well amongst males and females of all ages, but if you have a protruding sternum then chances are this will cause Pectus Carinatum, which is a deformity of the body. However, as with most body deformities (don’t worry, it’s not a disease and not as scary as it sounds!), if it is an extreme case of a protruding sternum it could become painful and potentially dangerous. Chances are that if you have never experienced any pain or discomfort from your protruding sternum that it is not a serious case. However, if you frequently experience pain in your sternum, then there are several methods you can use to combat this discomfort. Here is a list of some solutions¬†you can use to help your protruding sternum pain:

Chest brace-

If the pain is a relatively new sensation that you have not been living with for a while, then there is a chance that using a chest brace could help not only alleviate the pain but also correct the protruding sternum by basically sticking it back in! The chest brace can be indiscreet and will essentially support your back and improve your posture which should in turn fix your protruding sternum. Even if you have been experiencing the pain or discomfort for a while, a chest brace could still be useful, and it should be the first method that you attempt to correct the protruding sternum issue.



As mentioned above, using a chest brace should always be your first port of call for trying to correct your protruding sternum, and if this has not improved the situation after several months of trying, then you can approach your doctor for further advice. Your doctor may assess how much discomfort or pain you are experiencing from your protruding sternum, and may recommend undergoing some simple surgery to fix the issue. This is quite rare though, as many doctors still do not consider a protruding sternum, or pectus carinatum, to be a serious issue.


Leave it alone-

This is perhaps the most common method used by people suffering from a protruding sternum, as it requires the least effort. Although I say leave it alone, there are still some simple methods that you can employ to try and correct your protruding sternum on your own. Firstly, you can start trying to improve your posture. This could be as simple as putting your shoulders back more, and sitting up straight at your desk. This may initially cause even more discomfort to your sternum, so start gradually and build up to being able to hold your shoulders all the way back. Next, and another common method, is going to the gym. Starting a programme of basic chest exercises and back exercises can not only help your posture, but also help to cover up the protruding sternum and make it less obvious (if your grow massive pecs!) Keep in mind that the back exercises are just as important as the chest exercises, and some exercises might be painful (flys for example can be sore) so just avoid them.


So there are some simple tips to help your protruding sternum issues! Always consult your doctor first though!


If you are suffering from a protruding sternum, and are looking for some help, try this indiscreet chest brace to help the issue. It will painlessly and gradually ease the situation and help your sternum take it’s normal shape


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